Finnish school of Watchmaking

“We produce top professionals who are in great demand all over the world.”

The Finnish School of Watchmaking

The Finnish School of Watchmaking (Kelloseppäkoulu) in Espoo is run by the foundation for advancement of watchmaking skills (Kellosepäntaidon edistämissäätiö) and it is the largest of its kind in the world. Thanks to these professionals running the school, the demands of working life have a key role in the training. The Finnish School of Watchmaking maintains close connections with Finnish and international watch- and micro-mechanics companies as well as the most prestigious watch factories and ateliers.

"Watches offer an excellent way to learn to understand the operation of a mechanical device and the way the fine tuning of devices should be conducted in small scale. This is one of our strong points", says Tiina Parikka, Principal of the Finnish School of Watchmaking.




Watchmakers and micro-mechanics graduating from the Finnish School of Watchmaking are employed in companies requiring innovative thinking, demanding product development, prototype and small-batch production as well as in companies needing mechanical precision work. The training provides excellent skills to work in a variety of demanding positions in the technological industry.

"We produce top professionals who are in great demand all over the world. At the Finnish School of Watchmaking, students make their own hand tools and all watch repairs are real customer work which is very unique. The students' hand-eye coordination improves and they develop a strong professional identity in the course of their studies."